Sunday, July 12, 2009

Old Doodle

I feel justified posting old doodles up because I am actually painting stuff :D
Maybe later I will have some painting pics(that will be prints) up.
I am going to visit my parents for two weeks with the kids, we are leaving tomorrow. The shop won't close because the hub is staying at home and he will do any of the shipping should anything sell.
I am so ready for a family visit! I will still blog while there! I am leaving it open to actually make stuff when there but I can just see me now sitting out back under the big ol tree with my iced tea and NOT making anything :D
But I know when I get back I will be so ready to make more monsters!


Anonymous said...

forrest and i love the little babies! what fun you must have.

Sonia ;) said...

Have fun...and take the time to relax..Love the doodles..

Sonia ;)

vantiani said...

Oh have a wonderful family visit and holiday, Jane!




Thank you all :)