Thursday, July 30, 2009

Our Wonderful World

A few weeks ago I got a bunch of these OUR WONDERFUL WORLD books (kinda like encyclopedias) from a free box from a leftover yard sale. Just this evening I looked inside and they are filled with all of these great images! I am going to make JunkerJane tags from them.
When I was down in Southern Oregon I was looking through some of my old boxes that are still in my mother in law's garage and I discovered about 15 old old encyclopedias (the year 1895!!!)that I bought for 10 bucks at that big Jacksonville, Oregon town yard sale in which the whole town is one big yard sale! That was ages ago, friends.....I feel guilty cutting them up, so I will just save them for one day when I actually have a library(a room devoted to books....only....dreaming??)


Amy said...

those pictures are so funny.
I love the one that say no time is a good time for a nap. What?


While babysitting....never nap while babysitting :D