Saturday, September 5, 2009

I ain't nothing nice

It's my fault for not keeping on top of things but man, I have to say, after trying to clean out the kids room, I can honestly say I hate toys. They have enough crap to build a stairway to the moon.
I am taking a break because I just finished cleaning out under the bed and the dust has me stuffed up.
Happy Saturday.


Erika said...

i have finally dusted off the sewing machine and with your inspiration i have made some monster dolls...i love them...thanks for passing on the inspiration...i hope to get some photos posted of the new family!!!

Lynn said...

Heh, Happy Saturday to you too.
I sneak toys into the charity bag, or the trash at night while my child sleeps...he never misses them.

Bonnie said...

totally love what you did with the piss me off too...when i think of the hundreds of dollars spent on birthday and christmas and easter and valentine's day toys on my kidlet...well, suffice it to say i'm not going there. it ain't worth the coronary, trust me on this one. ;)

hmmm....altered there' fertile ground for artistic experimentation....


Erika :) Thanks, wow, that's cool that you were inspired :) I would love to see them!

Lynn, oh I toss em out every so often but today i really cleaned house hahaha

Bonnie, i have already cut up two stuffed animals they haven't touched in years...and I used the eyes and an arm :D

Anonymous said...

love the doll ...pissed off indeed :)