Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Day was Bust

Kinda sorta, like I didn't create anything new, not really....it was a stressful tired day...one kid is in the tub now, I am planning on staying up to finish some dolls. I hope. You know those days that are just pissy? That's what I had. Not enough time for jack. I'm mad at stuff :D
This is a tag I made for a monster going out....This is a joke shrunken head.It's just my vampire wig and a found ceramic bust. I am easily amused. It gets me through life easier.


yoborobo said...

Love your tags, junker - and your little head - LOL! Here's to a better day today. :)

Georgina said...

Know what you mean by those "pissy" days...I hate them too...no non-productive. But keep the ol' sense of humour up, we all need that especially on those days...just move on down the road and be glad it's over. BTW, love your shrunken head thing...very funny and your tag is just too wonderful.