Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cuckoo Color

Trying to supply some color and summer 'round here....our summer weather still hasn't really kicked in and if I don't try to get the summer spirit I may just jump straight to Halloween in June.
Speaking of which, Halloween is in 123 days....so start planning now if you are the kind to leave it last minute :D


Vintage Market Place said...

already making and almost posted on etsy yesterday and then thought,,,maybe too soon.
but when you love halloween like I do it is acceptable all year round.


amy, oh no no no, don't get me wrong, I LOVE HALLOWEEN and all things dark....but I sometimes forget I love color, too :D

Cindi Myers said...

for years I had no air-conditioning, then just ONE window unit but the rest of my house was always HOT. This year I installed several units throughout the house and it's so coooool. And that makes me think of fall and Halloween....until I step outside and I'm blasted with hot and muggy again!

venus said...

yea i pretty much decided i am going to sneak into your house and steal these!!!


oldblack, luckily we don't have muggy weather here....I mean, on certain rare days it gets muggy but usually it's a dry heat.....muggy makes me CRANKY bigtime :D

Venus :D
I got these at some thrift shop while visiting my mom, they usually have tons, next time I go i will stock up for you :D I should be visiting in August.