Sunday, June 6, 2010

Old House

Driving home through downtown Portland yesterday I saw this house in-between newer buildings. The contrast of it made it POP! But this house is amazing no matter.
Sewing and creating today :)
oh, yesterday was perfect 73 degress and sunshine...we went to an amusement it is pouring rain again,'s okay its welcomed today :)


Lenae May said...

Oh my! Great lines here right! I love old houses. Just visited Charleston SC and WOW to the ancient homes there! Loved them!

oldblackcatboo said...

OMG! I love that house! Those windows! That double front door!
I wish I could tear down that fence and put up a iron one and fill the yard with flowers!
Too cool.

Ziggy said...

Aww wow. I hope nothing happens to it. Someone should really take care of a beautiful piece of history like that. Even if it's not written history, a house that's been around that long has seen a few things. It should be preserved.

heather noye said...

Beautiful! I love that kind of detail.

Lambert said...

This house is a gem, I love the architecture.

suze said...

Love old houses! DH is a new home buyer...ugh!
I made a pen and ink drawing in high school that looks like this house.