Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Rabbit Mask

I attempted a mask a few days ago. It's basic, but my first :)
I need to learn how to sew snouts, so I will try a patter next. When I was younger my mom sewed me a furry wolf mask with snout for Halloween.....the wolf head had a granny cap sewed on and spectacles.....it was the wolf dressed up like granny from Little Red :D I loved that costume! She got the pattern from a book.......something about sewing costumes inspired by nursery rhymes....I tried looking it up but I suck at research :D

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Lrc said...

Way cool mask! Its freaky and cute...I love making paper mache masks and heads for Halloween and really just anytime I get the urge. I find that the cereal box cardboard is great for making mask patterns and trying out shapes.