Tuesday, August 10, 2010



Cindi Myers said...

it's nice, a little randomness.
not a lot of words

Oh, here's something random or maybe it's a ramble but...
I was driving down this avenue in the next town over. It used to be THE avenue to shop on when I was a little kid, a zillion years ago. Now it's just shop after little empty shop with a few struggling businesses. (hair salons, computer repairs, insurance) but I did notice a few were being remodeled and I wonder what they will be...then this sign on one of them catches my eye. And I thought of YOU! LOL! the name of the new little place is called "Monster Sewing" Ha!
just a little random ramble for ya.


:) :)
Really?? Whatta name! Love it!
Thanks for the random ramble, loooove random rambles :)