Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Come to Portland and GO TO FLUTTER

Flutter is divine, love love, super, magical, whimsical, fun fun shop! Full of great stuff. I can't say enough about it and all of the wonderful merchandise :):):)


Vintage Market Place said...

I am in love, just decorated my porch today for Halloween!!!
So exciting, I just love that dummy with the 65 price tag, love love love him.

just me said...

looks fantastic!!! is it in oregon? going down in march for a old high school just bunch of girls drinking wine, doing some art, and eating food weekend in seaside!! we are looking for some cool places to go in portland on our way to the beach!

just me said...

okay just went through the link!! WOW bookmarking so we can check it out!! thanks!!

Gillian said...

What I would give for a shop like that near me.
Maybe a kidney? Not mine you understand, but a kidney nonetheless.


amy, gawd!!! I am not really prepared for Halloween...ugh! But cool to hear about your porch :):)

justme, yes in portland......you should see it, just great :)

Gillian, HAHA