Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Why I haven't been posting

Hello out there! We just moved houses so it's been crazy busy, so that's why so slow going lately!
getting it together :):)

Um, it's snowing, but not sticking.....I don't want snow anymore, haha


Amy said...

they say that its supposed to snow here today. I'll take it.
Wow to move in the snow would be odd.
good luck

susarto said...

come back sooooon!!! :D
and best of luck w/ the new pad!

Lana said...

Moving is so difficult at any time. I would hate to have to move with all my "hoards" of junk. Best of luck to you! and hope you get back to the fun stuff soon.

Gillian said...

You've moved? I hope you still have big beautiful (and spooky) trees and a bit of open space. I liked your nature pics at the old place.