Sunday, May 1, 2011

Brunhilda the Kitchen Witch

on Etsy.
Kitchen witch dolls are supposed to bring good luck and ward off bad spirits....this may include bad cooking, I dunno :D


Georgina said...

They were very popular back in the 70's...had 3 of them in my kitchen, but they still couldn't ward off the "bad-mojo baking monster!" Tried 3 times to make a 4 layer cake, but each time, the top 2 layers kept sliding off into the sink!! LOL But then everything else turned out fine...maybe I'm just a good cook!! hahahahahaha!!!


Yeah! My mom had one in our kitchen....musta worked because we kids never complained about whats for dinner, NOT like MY kids....gawd......haha
HAHA at cake....I tried a cake once.....ONCE...
Bet yer a great cook!