Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Must start blogging daily again

I should. There's no reason why not. Summer is almost over. I love summer weather but yeah, cloudy gray winter weather always inspires WAY better. I just dislike the rain. Wet weather isn't nice. I don't enjoy wet backofthe neck, big hair and the overall feeling of damp. If we had dry cold I could totally take it. Besides that I guess I am trying to say I will be around more.


Vintage Market Place said...

OOOH I love the skull piece!
I am in love with the dark and sweetness of it.

Lana said...

Yay! I like your pictures, your comments and your WIPs. I check your blog everyday. I guess I should check your etsy everyday, because yesterday I so MISSED the little witchy monster with orange and black stripped hat :=(
Have a great, not rainy, day.

Cindi Myers said...

miss your "different" twist on stuff.


THanks guys! I realllllllllllllllllly need to spend some quality time here. Summer is so distracting!