Monday, February 18, 2013

Being all over the place can be good!

Usually it's a good thing to start what you finish. It's discipline. But when it comes to creating I find that if I start out with a rigid end-result mindset I might worry too much or never even get started!
But creating is the one place I can be all over the place and it's a good thing!
I just follow my intuition or the creative urge now, even if that means I start painting squares in different colors on a piece of junk wood. I have several painted wood plaques around my room and one day I had the urge to nail a red children's wooden block to it, so I did. Then I found wooden craft game pieces and loved how they looked next to the wooden block. This was a month ago and it's not finished because I didn't know where to take it next. But that's okay, I set it aside and started decorating  a left over scrap canvas with craft pom poms, a marker cap, just goofy things! I didn't finish it because I don't where it's going yet. I'm waiting for the idea to come. It will come, but on its own time. I have learned not to force something, but just to trust. It's this trusting that allows me to get new ideas and grow because the pressure to finish a piece from start to finish is gone.The answer always comes, I just need to wait and be open to it.
I used to feel that I was wasting so much time starting a doll, pillow, or painting and not finishing them. Or spending the entire afternoon setting up displays in my room. I felt like I kept making failures, even though I was very inspired while doing the half part that came to me to create. I am realizing these are necessary steps though, in my creative journey and it's not a waste of time, that this is the way my inner artist grows. I might not understand why,but this is how it is. I just need to trust my intuition and let the ideas out. Without knowing what it will end up being.  JUST LET THEM OUT.

By allowing myself to create this way, I continue to grow and this is what it is all about!

What is your process of creating? Feel free to share your ways :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Catherine!
I do the same thing...all over the place!, making different pieces of "stuff", starts, ends, little what I call "artful piddlies".... I do these when I am watching TV or movies. I make flowers, origami, seed bead pods, strip fabrics, wrap wood beads, fabric thingies, paper hats, fabric hats, hearts, balls, Clay stuffs..etc...When it is time to make something, I have lots of choices to play with..Keeps me entertained and creative, until I am ready to make a bigger projects. ;-) Lorraine xoxo

darlene said...

hmmm. usually something strikes my eye and then the components falls into place with it. or, like you you also do, i start and then wait. fun, fun!

Sunny Carvalho said...

I am very much like that, too. I usually have about 30 projects going at any given time. They call to me when they are ready to be finished. Like you, I feel more creative when I am able to work on whatever is inspiring me at the time rather than forcing myself to work on something just because I started it. Thanks for the post! xoxo

Unknown said...

I have been in a rut second guessing everything I do or start. It makes you scared to continue or doubt yourself. But reading your post made me see I am not alone. I just need to push through and get it out some how. I have needed some inspiration thank you.


lulu moonwood murakami said...

LOVE seeing your work in progress and reading about how you work. I usually have at least 5 projects going. Sometimes I do production, but I like to have other projects to jump to when production gets tedious.

Vintage Market Place said...

I agree, it can't be forced or it just doesn't have a connection in the end. And I usually end up trashing it anyway.
Finding inspiration and time.
I now know it is health and happiness that brings the best out of me.
Being sick for so long in my life really took my mindset down.
Now that I am better and healthy and I am looking forward to jumping back in and creating with purpose again.


Wow guys, thanks for taking the time to respond! I love hearing all of the different ways you create and work!
Onward create!
<3 and :D

Bonnie said...

Me too me too! I used to beat myself up about being this way, but all that led to was artistic constipation. You don't want to let THAT get started. Not a good place to go. I've spent years not producing anything til I learned to listen to my inner artist.

yoborobo said...

Hi Catherine! I think it's the same with writing, too. I write until it feels forced, then I leave it and work on something else. I think as long as we eventually finish things, it's all good! ;) Love getting a look at your studio! xox Pam