Friday, April 26, 2013

The doily and things

I can't believe I almost cut up this's been sitting in front of my sewing face for months and several times I reached for it. Today I really noticed it's beauty for just what it was.
Also I must have read some of John Bellairs books as a kid but I can't remember! I know I knew of him. Anyway my daughter brought home a discarded book from the school library, The Chessmen of Doom, by John Bellairs and I started reading it one day because I was stuck somewhere with nothing to do and oh wow! He's wonderful! He is completely the kind of writer I would have read back when I was a kid but for whatever reason I just can't remember the stories, just the covers...whatever the case, I am happy to be reading them now :)


Anonymous said...

so happy you have not cut it!! It is just beautiful!!! I have a few, that I do the same thing, I think I am going to use it, and then I put it back in my room..where my "super-special" items are draped on my vintage chair.... When I see it back in it's place, my spirit smiles.. Somethings are just meant to be exactly as they are.. xo ;) Lorraine


I need to practice this more often!! :D
Thanks for the comment <3