Friday, May 11, 2018

NEW! Batch of creepies to my Big Cartel shop

I just added 4 new creepies to my Big Cartel shop!


Yve said...

These are so adorable!!! I love my little Junker Jane Voodoo baby and his La Tombe mama.... it's so good to be able to come back to Blogger! :)

Heather Youngblood said...

I am absolutely enthralled by the individual creativity as well as the unique love that you put into each one of your the dolls you choose to bring outside of your highly vivide
and fasinating mind...To others that are not able to see these beautiful
things on their own.
I only wish I were able to secure one of these.. For I have been trying for such a long time. Is there anyway I can get a listing from you.