Thursday, June 5, 2008

Back from the dead

Hello! Here are two WIP Pillows I am working on. I really had fun sewing these, or I am having fun. It's kinda therapy for me to do crazy patchwork.

I also made this bag. It's fun, too. It is really sturdy but a little wonky around the sewn top. I feel I need to say that in case someone buys it, I don't want there to be any surprises.

This weather in Oregon is crazy! It's cold, windy, gray and rainy. It feels like winter still. I hope this isn't a short summer....gah.

School gets out next week for my daughter. That means I will need to do more entertaining, but also that i get to stay up really late sewing stuff and getting dark circles under the eyes, haha.


Cristin said...

Your stuff is so cute! You remind me of my sister... check her out

Kindling said...

Hiya Jane,

Just found your blog via etsy - really love you work and you frank account of your journey... its cool to know that someone along wayaway is a bit like you (me)... anyway thanks I will be visiting again.


Thanks Cristin! I have pixiegenne on my flickr contacts! :)


Thanks Nina :)
I try to post regulary but you know, I think I need to write more details...but with writing more the risk of complaining too much comes in, HA!