Friday, June 6, 2008

New Monster

I came home and whipped this guy up. You should still see the kitchen table...messy! I could never be on that infamous Flickr "Corners of my Home" haha, at least not yet.

This is Oscar and we both love trees equally. Trees rock!

Oscar is the first plushie that I put my name label on. So whoever buys it may be getting a collectors item! hahaha... I use recycled fabric and quirky ways for my label, too. I use a thrifted sheet to write my name on. I use a fade-proof/ water-proof ink pen that really works, I've tried scrubbing it off. On a sample piece of course... and I am posting a sketch that inspired Oscar.

Oh, the kids are almost in bed and I swear I feel guilty for not wanting to sew up something else instead of plopping down in front of the TV hoping to catch a good chick flick...I mean I want to sew but I also want to escape into some historical fantasy....whilst sipping an ale....whilst, hehe, that word is funny and wonderful both....

alright have a good night all

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