Monday, August 3, 2009

Decaf, what's your opinion?

This is what Cynthia and I will NOT be drinking tomorrow morning.

An espresso serving guy once said drinking decaf is like kissing your sister :D

The reason I have a gazillion posts today is because the hub suggested I pay as much attention to Blogspot as I do my Flickr.... (roll eyes, he knows I rolled my eyes)

I should get paid for how much I talk up Flickr. It's brilliant easy fun.
Personally I do not like Facebook, just don't. I stand by Flickr. Go to Flickr. Get Flickr.


WingingIt said...

i will check out flickr...i know i love this blogging stuff...thanks for sharing your decaf ideas...i get up at three...need caf...go to bed love decaf in the afternoon...sorry...but i love to kiss my sister too...tee hee...

oldblackcatboo said...

I hope this makes sense because I ran out of coffee ths a.m. and I'm drinking this weak tea!
I'll check out flickr too.
But I love your blog!

Tara Ross Studios said...

Me too, love flickr, I have been on for several years!

mentalmulch said...

I just started my blog and decided to try out flickr...and I love it. I will be definitely ugrading to flickr pro very soon!!!!!


See, Flickr is the shhhh :D

When I run out of coffee(which i rarely do) I drink tea as well and i hate every minute of it. :D

Thane said...

KopfSchmerzen Decaf

True Story, trying to sell this label to Starbucks

Thane Plambeck