Monday, August 3, 2009

Google Eyes

Youngest daughter (she didn't want me to mention her name, lol) and I made these today.
Drac and Franken-creature look like they have a pair of pants hiked up to their chins :D


AUNIA KAHN said...

Thank you for the prints and extra goodies. I have been so nuts, I am just catching up. I am being published and my publisher has been keeping me busy! Anyhow love your stuff, and thank you so MUCH!!! It was awesome. Your gift hangs out with my in my studio while I create!

Jennifer Conway said...

These are so, so great! Love the single google eye! Hope you keep these for her!


Aunia, thanks a bunch...don't worry at all, I "get" busy :D

Jennifer, thank you :)
Yeah all the kid art goes into a big storage tub, lol